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When your pet comes to stay and play with us at Camp Green Dog, they romp all day with the other campers and daycare visitors and receive full time attention and care from our Camp Counselors.

When it is time to retire from a full day of activities your dog or cat will be personally tucked in for the night to their suite or condo with a good night pat and rub. At Camp Green Dog we play music throughout the facility that continues through the night to lull s/he to a slumbering bliss!


Our special sanitized cat Romper Room is separated from our dog area and has 5 climbing trees, and allows all kitties to jump, climb and play to their feline heart’s content.

Raintree Kitty Cat Condos

All visiting feline campers receive their own private 3-tiered condo – $16/night

  • Each unit is fully self ventilated
  • Cats cannot pass germs thru bodily fluids…EVER !
  • 3-tiers allows for separate sleeping quarters
  • Private restroom area
  • Separate feeding terrace
  • Condos cleaned and sanitized every morning
  • Double condos available (no extra charge) on a space available basis

Note: Prices and policies are subject to change without notice.


Camp Green Dog’s overnight boarding options for dogs are below.

All prices are for 1 camper/boarder. Sibling shares receive a $5 discount per pet, per night based on the boarding option you choose.

Economy Suites – 4x5 and 4x6

All dogs all sizes – $32/night

Additional campers 7.00 off nightly rate.

Family Suites – 6x6

Our largest space for pets that need more room and/or most spacious for multiple sibling campers. – $32/night

Additional campers 7.00 off nightly rate.

Garden Suites

Garden Suites face the interior garden park, complete with a flowing fountain . This is perfect for those dogs that are more of the “stressful” type. – $37/night

Additional campers 7.00 off nightly rate.

The Zen Den and Hibiscus Suites

A small private room up front, very quiet – $39.00/night

Additional campers 7.00 off nightly rate. Maximum of two dogs

Note: Prices and policies are subject to change without notice.

All kennels are tiled with a hospital grade VCT and we keep it 100% climate controlled with state of the art HVAC and air purification system.

A day, a night, a week away,
Camp Green Dog is your pet’s place to stay.

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