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NO. If a dog has a bite history with humans or is fear aggressive we don’t. We won’t put our staff at risk. Dogs that are not fixed cannot go into daycare either.

Packages are good for 1 year from date of purchase.

If it is still current yes you can.

Unfortunately no as they are 2 separate programs.

We do not overload our daycare, nor kennel your dog all day. The packages are simply a way to save money and do not guarantee a spot everyday. We encourage people to plan ahead and make reservations in advance to guarantee a spot.

We sure do. However its on a case by case basis so we need to know.

No. We know dogs. Generally we can tell within 15 minutes if you’re dog will be compatible or not. Unfixed dogs are not allowed in general daycare.

We are the ONLY local facility with covered outdoor daycare. Over 10,000 square feet of covered play yards with skylights, ceiling fans and horizontal air.

Absolutely! We are open for tours 7 am to 7 pm, 7 days a week, no appointment needed.

In most cases no. We try and prevent anything form happening but we walk a fine line as we want you to pick up a tired dog. We DO occasionally have minor skirmishes but that is rare. Just like with school children on the playground, accidents can occasionally happen, but not often.

Yes. Dogs that are boarding roll into daycare around 10:30 am until 3 ish in the afternoon. This is currently FREE, however this may change in the future.

Yes, we encourage that. They are fed at noon.

Yes, we have a lot of clients with daylong activities and for senior/geriatric dogs we can generally put them in a spacious garden suite.

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